WHEN SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS (with a nod to Peter Maurin)


in the daze of these days

there's a querying and a quarrying

a striving and a strutting

and an enormous expenditure

directed to the far away

and the long past

in the hope of finding answers

to fundamental questions.

The questions in the context posed

being misguided alas misfire

thus sending the search

(after bombast and blast-off)

to most inappropriate places.

In broad daylight benighted;

truly wrong as wrong can be.

Real answers to real questions

are found really and truly and only

where Reality happens to be.

Since in our ordinary state

we misperceive and misconceive

so completely, so perfectly,

i.e. upside down and inside out,

we expect the great book

of knowable-knowledgeable-


to be outside ourselves.

But it exists within.

In other words,

which are the same words:

it exists within.

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