They have passed through a school more terrible than that known to any other nation.

In consequence the resourcefulness and alertness of the modern Jew are extraordinary.

Every Jew finds in the history of his forbears a voluminous record of coolness and perseverance in terrible predicaments.

Their heroism in facing contempt surpasses that of the saints.

People tried to make them contemptible for twenty centuries by refusing them all honors and dignities and by pushing them down into the mean trades.

They have never ceased to believe themselves qualified for the highest of activities.

Where shall the accumulated wealth of great impressions which forms the history of every Jewish family—that great wealth of passions, virtues, resolutions, resignations, struggles and victories of all sorts—where shall it find an outlet, if not in great intellectual functioning?

Though I have placed these words without any quotation marks they come from a man. That man is not me. Some people might think so knowing my penchant for standing up for the underdog, my lifelong affection and deep association with Jewish people and the fact that one of my ancestors was Jewish. But no, these are not my words. They are words from a most unlikely source. That source, that man, that philosopher was called Friedrich Nietzsche.

This was the man the Nazis honored and adopted as their official philosopher. This was the man that Der Fuehrer himself paid homage to by making a special visit to his birthplace.

Isn't it funny? Or ludicrous? Almost as ludicrous as Nietzsche's conviction that the "Master Race" was not the Germans but the Italians!

Herr Nietzsche had more to say than what I have quoted, writing as he did from the point of view of a l9th Century European who loathed the Christian religion's "slave-morality." But I'm too tired to do all that typing tonight. Another time.

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