oscar wilde

An Opera—of all things!

A while ago when I was searching for a poetic, suspenseful, action-packed play to put on I came across exactly what I was after. It was a play that Oscar Wilde had bequeathed to this "contemptible" world, but that was, alas, unfinished. As I hate to see good things go down incomplete—a play or a person—I finished the thing and in due time I put it on. (Now it's playable and in print and anybody with guts to spare can stage it. You can read the preface I wrote and download the first few pages by clicking here.)

Time passed and an idea waltzed into my mind. You know how a poem sometimes seems to yearn for a tune to go with it and lo, there's a song. Or sometimes a comedy wants a bit of music and there you have a musical. And sometimes a tragedy cries out to be—an opera! Well, this play, A Florentine Tragedy, should be an opera! It's got illicit love, lovers from different levels of society, lust, suspicion, suspense, violence, death. Opera, opera, I tell you. Like Oscar's Salome that Strauss operasized. Now what do I know about opera? What I know about opera I experienced at our family's Sunday dinners back in Brooklyn. And grand opera it was. So who is out there that can turn this Renaissance tragedy into an opera?
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