Speak of the Devil

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A writer has to be motivated by something to go through the monumental struggle of writing a play. In this instance Frank's motivation was "disgust—disgust, pure and simple. "It seems there have been a number of attempts to turn the great myth of the devil and Daniel Webster into a tolerable play, but from Frank's point of view, as director-writer they are all intolerable. "They always manage to come out stiff, stentorian and full of historical starch," he says.

The basic premise is that Daniel Webster, America's legendary orotund orator and lawyer is beseeched by a fellow New Hampshireman to plead his case against the Devil who has come to collect his due, which happens to be the soul of this very New Hampshireman.

The Webster in Frank's play is alive, resourceful and lusty, with a young, lusty wife—who figures importantly in the plot. He is pitted against a sly, clever (diabolically clever) Prince of the Pit who is both vicious and endearing and who has a very winning way about him.

They sweat and clash through a trial that lasts through the night with the audience as its jury. There's excitement enough, fun and thrills and surprising twists for a powerful evening in the theater—an evening that seems to go by all too swiftly.

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