Sleep Nefertiti Sleep

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Here Frank leaps to ancient Egypt to bring to life one of his personal heroes, Ahknaton, the rebel pharoah who brought monotheism to the world, and his sister and consort, Nefertiti, one of the most beautiful women of the ancient world. Ahknaton finds himself up against the most monumental threats to his reign and his dearly-bought kingdom.With violent enemies at his borders, traitors in his government and his beloved Nefertiti hammering at him to abandon his high ideals Ahknaton must make his choice.

This is not a frumpy historical or philosophical play but a play about people and love and stress and the difficulty of holding on to what one believes in a mad,mad,mad world. Frank has experimented with an elevated, rhythmical dialogue that has prompted some to call the play poetic. He claims he wanted to lift the saga out of the Nile mud and make it suited to the grandeur of his characters. Well, you'll for yourself when you read it.

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