O Fathomless Love

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How about this: Frank reads a poem by Stephen Crane, his favorite long and short story writer, and takes it as a challenge. Make a play of it. All right, that shouldn't be too hard. It has to take place under the ocean. Oh, that makes it a little more difficult. What's more, make it a love story. Under the ocean? And make it about the power of love. Yes, and make it believable. Show the bond of love, its power, the kind of power that might bring a dead man back to life. Make it funny, too and beautiful. And make sure when its over the audience is smiling with tears in its eyes.

I'll have a go at it, he says. The girl's name will be Teresa and her fisherman-husband lost at sea is Manuel. They have two children—Pedro and Maria. And Teresa goes searching under the waves for Manuel and—ah, I know, she meets the King of the Seas. And so, on the story goes.

In a generally negative world situation, in a theatrical climate that kudos the depressing and the despairing, Frank writes from and about the truth that everybody knows.

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