A Field Where Shadows Fall

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Everybody who reads Stephen Crane's Upturned Face agrees it's a great story. The critics, too. They proclaim it to be a Hemingway story before Hemingway. Crane himself tried to get somebody to dramatize it. And there were attempts. Alas, none of them were successful.

Now, Frank, our on-site, resident playwright, an unabashed aficionado of Crane, takes this great, spare, tersely-written, modern, realistic war story and turns it into a powerful drama of the madness of the battlefield and the bizarre efforts of Lieutenant Timothy Lean to bury his sargeant's body while he and his men are exposed to deadly sniper fire.

Frank says he did it "not only to pay homage to Crane but as a personal favor to a very great and very underestimated literary genius. Perhaps the only genuine genius, except for Poe, that America has produced."

Rarely has a short story been so superbly transformed into a play. Truly a classic.

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