The Bride Comes To Yellow Sky

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Back in those high times—the legendary Sixties—when hope was in the driver's seat and anything seemed possible, Frank happened to sit in on a playwrighting class where the great Herbert Berghof was raving (as was his delightful way) of a "marvelous, magnificent story just waiting to be dramatized"—Stephen Crane's The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky. And, with a mischievous twinkle in his eye, attempting to goad a New York character named Joe somebody-or-other—oh, Molnar! Joe Molnar! that was his name—into doing it. Sensing that Herbert's desperate appeal went far further than Joe and was rather a cry to the universe Frank took it to heart and made a drama of it. As luck would have it, a designing young lady saw that it fell into Herbert's lap. He fell in love with it, and put it on, and "magnificently", too.

The play presents the moral dilemma of an over-the-hill marshal of the little town of Yellow Sky, Texas who, without telling any of his townsfolks and friends,has gone off to San Antonio and gotten himself married. Embarassed and afraid of the stir her presence will stir up he attempts to sneak her "around the back way"—well, that's enough to give you an idea. What a situation!

Besides the wonderfully warm characters, the rich dialogue, the surprise twists, the play gives a feel of the whole world of the vanishing West. What gives it some added distinction is the fact that it was the first of Frank's plays to be published. Since then not a year has gone by that hasn't seen a production of The Bride somewhere around this wide world.

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