A Renegade Of Birds

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They say poetry is a pretty tough sell in these times, in this country. Maybe that's why Frank—who has a penchant for bucking the current—decided to let loose his Renegade of Birds. (Then again Dylan Thomas didn't do too bad, and neither has Rumi.)

If you're looking for poesy of the academic intellectualo-profoundo school these poems are not for you. Frank didn't write this stuff for any stuffy poetry periodical. He wasn't given a grant to write them. And he didn't win a prize for them either. These poems are what they are because during the course of his life something moved him—emotionally—enough to want to scribble something on a piece of paper.

"This is the kind of writing you do if you're riding a galloping stallion, which is what most of my life has been like," he says, laughingly.

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