Once Upon A Dog

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Here's a dog book to end all dog books or maybe to begin all dog books. Frank takes us on a ride through his heart, where most of real life takes place. He leaves out none of the ache and uplift, the exhilaration and ecstasy that loving contact with man-and-woman's best friend invariably brings. He subtitles his book,rather appropriately: Tales of dogs that ran away with my heart.

These are true stories out of Frank's tumultuous life. Of Silverado—the dog he lost before he got it. Of Trumbo who disappeared a little too suddenly, a little too mysteriously. Of Albert, the prince he met as a lost pup. Of Calli, that paragon of virtue who wanted to be a human being. Of Rex and King and Odin and oh, of course, of Pip, in Frank's great final story entitled Pip O' My Heart.

Here's a piece of his preface to the book:

"If we want our hearts back we shall have to go to heaven, because that's where all our dogs are, waiting for us, waiting to greet us, to love us and lick us again."

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