May I In The Merry Merry

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This book—admittedly—is outrageously small. If you're counting pages. All it contains is a single story. But what a story! A story that can blossom into all sorts of possibilities. It's a jazzy, poetic, tender, outrageous and funny fable of old Manhattan. In it Frank captures the pure, sweet spirit of the Sixties through his depiction of the head-on encounter and instant romance of that truly great character—Vinnie Sciaputo (of Bay Ridge ) and the gorgeous, brilliant but bored, Regina Holloway  ("of Hoity-Toityville" ).

"She was conceited and she was contemptuous, yet something in her hazel eyes had lit a candle inside Vincent J. Sciaputo's hairy chest."

How about a story whose every word counts, that lifts you up, that begs to be re-read, that heralds the beginning of an epic romance, that opens the door to springtime in the reader's heart. Well, you've got it right here!

May you find "The Merry Merry."

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