Insight Is Better Than Ice Cream

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Though the title he gave his book is snickered at and often blithely disputed, especially when the tongues talking have never tasted the ambrosia of insight, Frank insists on it. And slyly invites you to take a taste of his take on topics as varied as love, teachers, death, cars, money, fist-fighting, education, traveling, work, coffee--he goes on and on.

It's stories and straight talk straight out of his experience. Here's a snatch at random:

"If you don't like something or someone, and your response to life is fueled by likes and dislikes, that puts you in a position of not being able to put your attention on where it needs to be, and you can't keep it there. And if you can't control your attention you won't be able to control your life."

Now that's a lot better than ice cream and lasts a helluva lot longer,too.

This is Frank's revised edition. The first sold out. " We got rid of some of the dead wood," he guffaws, " and we kicked the whole goldarned book up another notch!"

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