One Little Man of India: The Might of Mahatma Gandhi

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One skinny little man can certainly make a lot of trouble. Here's Frank's version of that little Mahatma (an uncanonized saint yet a saint nonetheless—and one of Frank's heroes) who caused such a lot of trouble for the fat-arsed British empire. A gentle man unafraid to stand up for what was right. A Mahatma, a "Great Soul", whose embrace encompassed not only India's Hindu millions but India's Muslim population as well. Even—as he contended with them—India's enemies, the British.

"Mahatma" Gandhi began his career as just another brown-skinned boy in an English tweed suit, educated in England to be a lawyer, but who has an awakening when he returns home. He experiences the Anglo prejudice and oppression first-hand and undertakes the seemingly impossible task of sweeping the British out of the subcontinent—using non-violent means, a strategy he learned from one of America's mahatmas, Henry David Thoreau. And he does it!

In brief, electrifying scenes Frank captures the civilized stink of the times and the refreshing "Satyagraha" (Truth-power) of the little Mohandas who became the Mahatma.

"I identify with Gandhi," Frank says, "not only because I'm skinny like him, with a big nose and a big mouth like his, but because I'd like to put Truth first like he did."

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