The Handsome Heart: Gerard Manley Hopkins

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Hopkins has a lot of secret admirers, even though he was a Catholic, and a Jesuit priest to boot, and an unabashed lover of God and His beauteous, bountiful creation.

Gerard Manley Hopkins was not only "the great Catholic poet" he was the unsung and unpublished hero-poet who grappled with the great twisting python of the English language and ultimately freed it from the conventionalism, shallow sentiment and pallid versifying of the Victorian era.

Beyond his ineffable contribution to English letters Hopkins left behind a heart-wrenching, yet glorious saga of a life. Due to the influence of Cardinal Newman and the soul-stirring of the Oxford Movement Hopkins left the Anglican Church and became a Catholic, an act that severed his relationship to his family. Once he resolved to become a Jesuit priest he abandoned his artistic talents and devoted himself to the arid rigors of his priestly vocation. He actually burned his poetry. Only after some years, at the insistence of his superior does he take up his pen again, producing some of the richest, rapturous poems in the language.

To Robert Bridges, his friend and poet laureate, who figures importantly in the priest-poet's life and in Frank's expanded radio drama, fell the task of introducing Hopkins' work to the world. Despite all the physical and emotional suffering he underwent and the apparent tragedy of his life and death Father Hopkins' last words were: "I am so happy."

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