Damien and His Demon: The Passion of Father Damien

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In the summer of '71 Frank flew to Molokai. He took a cab from the airport to the top of the pali, which is what the Hawaiians call a cliff, and he carefully descended the zigzag walkway cut into the cliff side, through the swaying tropical vegetation, the sweet sleepy smell of wild guava fruit, and the rolling boom of the surf, down to the infamous leper colony. Here, safely quarantined from the rest of the island, is the beach where the hopelessly incurable lepers from the rest of the Hawaiian Islands were shipped and dumped and left to fend for themselves. Here is that level strip in the shadow of the pali where Father Damien de Veuster, a broad-shouldered, bull-headed Catholic missionary from Belgium, built a village with his own hands—of cottages and a church and a fresh water pipeline—for the despised and abandoned lepers. Here was where he labored and prayed and served—where he clashed with his superiors and with the Hawaiian Island bureaucrats—where he was maligned and where he was vindicated by Robert Louis Stevenson's flaming and eloquent defense—and where he contracted the disease that, in time, killed him.

Here Frank was greeted by the priest who was Father Damien's successor and here the lepers held out their hands to be shaken. Only afterward did the poor pilgrim learn that there are drugs that arrest the dread leprosy and render it non-contagious.

So, out of more of his personal experience than he is willing to divulge, Frank has written a powerful and beautiful play that plunges into the mind of Father Damien revealing his innermost struggles and, without sentimentality or whitewash, presents the great priest's ultimate spiritual triumph.

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