Public Talks

Every once in a while as Frank was giving a talk—off the cuff, that is, with nothing written on his cuffs—to a small and more private public,  somebody would pipe up: "Why don't you give a public talk about this?" And, with a look of surprise, he would say something like: "Do you really think people would be interested? "

"Well, yeah!"

"All right. Of course I'll have to gather my thoughts, from wherever they've strayed..." His voice would trail off, and you could see he was starting to think about it already.

"Shall we set a date?"

And the next thing you know he was giving a talk on poetry or some great poet like e.e. cummings or Robinson Jeffers or Dylan Thomas or Hopkins or John Donne or about philosophy or love or how to begin developing a real spiritual life or the importance of good humor or good wit, which has got to do with having your wits about you, or about dogs or, when you come to think of it, about almost anything.

Somebody thought that these were good ones to lead off with. They are on important subjects, ones that are ever relevant.

"I wish people could pay attention longer," Frank has remarked. "There's a lot more that could be said."

The talks have been slightly edited for the sake of readability. The warmth and connection between Frank and his audience is hard to capture and so too is the spontaneous crackle that was in the air. But, like the fella sez, "That's life."

Hurray For Love - by Frank Crocitto

In his typically fresh and audacious way Frank packs a world of wisdom and experience into his slender volume about love. Not about sex and not about schmaltz, but about the real thing. He tells his story, a vivid, dramatic one, and out of it comes his great discovery about love—"the basic dynamic of love: The Three Pillars of Love." Then, since his optimism knows no bounds, Frank puts on paper the three essential, and practical, steps that make it possible for anyone to develop their personal capacity to love.

Esoteric Christianity: How Jesus Taught - by Frank Crocitto

Esoteric Christianity: How Jesus Taught is an exploration of the esoteric message of Jesus and the teaching methods he used within his inner circle of disciples. Speaking to a small group in a public lecture, Frank Crocitto paints a bold picture of Jesus as a creative force, savvy and resourceful, delivering a practical and personal teaching under extreme duress.

The Secret Meaning of Christmas - by Frank Crocitto

“Since every problem contains its built-in solution, God has the solution to His problem as well, and He has for many a long century—presented His solution wrapped in the story of Christmas.” In this public lecture, Frank Crocitto explores the essential message and meanings of the Nativity as transmitted in the Gospels.